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We build a community of life-long learners and inculcate in every child a positive self worth


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Established in 1982,  Flora Nursery, Primary and High School education is an important episode in the early and teenage years of every child. During these stages, we ensure our pupils and students appreciate their learning exposures, develop and excel in all they do.

That is why at Flora School, we plan and provide a full and thorough educational curriculum. Our approach allows our pupils and students to grow and develop academically, socially and spiritually.

The Flora School curriculum provides rich basic and specialized subjects. We provide the foundation for a successful transition to tertiary intuitions.

Our competent and enthusiastic teachers ensure the usage of modern teaching facilities and good allocation of resources to help pupils and students in their learning process as a whole.

Flora School is an Independent Day school for boys and girls from Pre Nursery to High School

The Pre- Nursery Session

For ages three(3)months to two(2) years

The Nursery Section

For ages two (2) years to five (5) years

The Primary Section

For ages six (6) years to ten (10) years

Our High School Section

For ages eleven (11) years to sixteen (16) years

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What our parents have to say

I am very choosy when it comes to the school my children will attend. I usually like schools that have rich curriculum content to teach, not just the structure. I pay particular attention to their teaching methodologies, I prefer a simple teaching style that makes learning interesting and ignites passion for personal study in my kids. Am equally interested in knowing how well the management not only listens to complaints but how promptly they act on them. I have never had any reason to look back since my son joined Flora School, I attest that I'm more than satisfied, I have no fears, and the school has exceeded my expectations .
Mrs Wole Daniels
I enrolled my first son into Flora School in 2016 and I have no regrets since then. The teachers are very accommodating and friendly with the kids; they are sincere and objective as well. One significant thing I liked most about the school is consistent feedback about your wards. They are open to ideas from time to time and always try to bring the parents together. My second son joined the school recently and has witnessed the same love shown to his brother. I guess this is what customer service is all about.
Mr Tunde Adenuga
When we moved to Oke-Ira, we were worried about the school to enrol our daughter considering where she was coming from. We didn't want a drop in quality and standard of education. After visits to several schools within the environment, we decided to enroll our daughter in Flora School and it has been an awesome experience ever since. Flora school offers good and qualitative education and continually seeks to bring out the best in every pupil with their skilled and qualified teachers. I marvel at the level of knowledge imparted in their primary pupils through the different subjects being taught. As a matter of fact, I learn from my daughter's notes every term. Kudos to the teachers and the staff at large not leaving out the ever amiable management of Flora Schools.
Mrs Olabige

Now open for September 2021/2022 Enrollment

Dear Parents,

If you are looking for a well-focused and exceptional school, with small class sizes, consistent excellent academic scores, good values and character development. Flora is the school you must consider. We are enrolling this new academic year 2021/22 and we have limited spots just for your child.

Talk to us about your child’s educational needs. You can get in touch with us by sending an email, call our telephone lines, chat with us on WhatsApp and finally visit our contact page to fill our online form.