Our Story

Flora school was established in 1982. The school commenced with the nursery section and later opened the primary section in 1987; operating a nine year academic program.

Flora High School (FHS) born out of the need to continue to make available outstanding qualitative education, commenced her operations in September 2006. The high school operates a six year academic program.

The school’s primary concern is developing the potential of all our pupils and students to the highest possible level. We provide high quality teaching and learning opportunities, delivering a comprehensive curriculum and extra-curricular activities. We believe all pupils/students must develop their potentials – academically, socially, emotionally, physically, morally and spiritually enabling each child to grow in confidence, and be able to participate in the wider community as responsible citizens.

Flora school promotes a safe, secure, happy, caring and stimulating environment with standard and well equipped classrooms primarily built to accomplish the purpose it serves. We provide a well-disciplined background, where standards of academic and personal achievement are high and where success is nurtured and celebrated.

Our classrooms, laboratories and computer class are well equipped. We give Information and communication technology (ICT) prominent attention, equipping each pupil and student with the ability to use Microsoft office packages and selected programs.

We firmly believe that partnership with parents is essential for our pupils and students to receive the best in education. Our PTA/PSG (Parent Support Group) plays a vital role in the continuous excellent performance of the school as well as the students. Our parents are actively encouraged to work with their children as well as discuss matters of interest or concern.


Our Vision

‘’To be the most outstanding performing school academically and socially in the state, providing knowledge and skills relevant in today’s fast changing world so as to build a ‘’Total child’’.

Our Mission

To work together to achieve excellent academic performance.

Our Learning Creed

  • I believe in myself and in my ability to do my best at all times.
  • Every day: I will look, I will listen, I will reason, I will speak, and I will write.
  • I will do my work the best way I can.
  • I will do all things with one purpose in mind: To be the best that I can be and not waste my potentials today, for this day will not come again.

Our Aims and Objectives

  • To develop a community of life-long learners where access to knowledge is encouraged and recognized.
  • To create a happy, caring and secured environment in which all learners, regardless of race, gender or social background, are respected and encouraged to achieve their full potentials.
  • To provide learning experiences that will allow equal opportunities to develop thinking and creative skills.
  • To emphasize the importance of language, mathematics and other areas of learning and develop competence in them.
  • To train learners to master basic skills, work to the best of their ability and attain the highest standards of self-discipline and respect for themselves and others.
  • To inculcate in every child a positive self-worth.
  • To maintain excellent relationship with parents in order to work together in close partnership to achieve desired results.
  • To promote enthusiastic minds, having the ability to ask questions and discuss rationally.
  • To promote knowledge and skills appropriate for today’s fast changing world, to uphold self-discovery and self-reliance.



Our curriculum is broad and balanced; we follow the national curriculum program of study. Subjects are taught within syllabus and topics are planned to ensure that the work is presented in an interesting and challenging way that students can readily learn and identify with.

All class work are carefully prepared and structured to ensure that each child progresses at the right pace, being aware that not all children understand or assimilate at the same rate. Care is also given to support and encourage those children who find work difficult and to “stretch” those who are more able. 

We encourage our pupils and students to participate in various club activities such as drama Dance club, Cookery class club, Quiz and Debate club, Christian group and recognized bodies like The Nigerian Red Cross Association.

Opportunities are equally provided for pupils and students to participate in a wide range of educational visits/excursions. These include trips to places of interest, arranged in conjunction with normal subject courses; field work in the local area and visits arranged for members of school clubs.


Meet Our People

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